Players the Atlanta Falcons can trade, should trade and will not trade

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The defensive side of the ball is a different story for the Atlanta Falcons. To say the defense has been a trainwreck would be a gigantic understatement.

When looking across the defense, there are really only two players that the Falcons cannot get rid of. These two players are the heart and soul of the defense and honestly, have been the only two guys that have shown up week after week and made their presence felt.

Grady Jarrett

Remember five months ago when fans felt as if whatever contract Grady wanted was going to be too much? Well, I hope we all agree that Grady has already outplayed his new deal and that the Falcons got a steal with Grady leading the defensive line.

While they need to go out find guys that can run next to him, this team would be that famous creek without a paddle if Grady was not in the middle of that defense.

Deion Jones

If only we could clone both Grady and Deion Jones and make 17 of them for the defense. Deion seems to be the only player among the back seven that understands communication, coverage, and angles in football.

There is no doubt that Deion is the best cover linebacker in the NFL and his long term worth to the Falcons cannot be taken for granted. He is clearly one of the five players that this team will build around.