Players the Atlanta Falcons can trade, should trade and will not trade

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In addition to the five untradeable pieces within the Atlanta Falcons organization, there are several that I would hate to see leave the organization but if someone came calling for their services and the Falcons were offered their value in trade pieces, these three players would have to go.

Calvin Ridley

Yes, Calvin Ridley. Sure, he started on fire his rookie year hauling in six touchdowns in his first four games. Since then, he has played in 17 games and caught seven touchdown passes. If a team was looking for a young playmaker and called about his availability and were willing to give the Falcons a first-round pick and veteran defensive player, they would dumb to say no.

Could Calvin Ridley go on to become an all-time great? He could, but at this point, he just looks like a really good playmaker.

Chris Lindstrom

Yes, Chris Lindstrom is obviously on the injured reserve for another month or so. However, prior to his injury, he looked like a first-round pick. Traditionally, you don’t get rid of those types of players. Again, if someone came calling and wanted to offer the Falcons a first-round pick and some additional pieces, I am not sure how you say no.

Kaleb McGary

The changer with Kaleb McGary was finding out he has a heart issue that has affected him several times over his college and now NFL career. That is too big of a gamble and if someone were willing to take that chance and provide the Falcons with proper compensation, they would have to part ways.