8 perfect head coach-quarterback pairings for the Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons will have to fill two important vacancies this offseason and here are eight perfect pairings

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7. LSU QB Jayden Daniels & Ravens OC Todd Monken

If you were wondering what my favorite pairing would be, this is it. This is a perfect marriage between quarterback and head coach.

Jayden Daniels is a heck of a talent and a quarterback who can be as productive on the ground as he can be through the air. Does that skillset sound familiar? It should because former UGA offensive coordinator Todd Monken has been guiding a quarterback named Lamar Jackson who can be described that way.


This is no way to say that Daniels and Jackson are the same players, they aren't. They play the game a bit differently but Todd Monken has shown that he can tailor an offense to a quarterback's strengths.

This should be the route that Arthur Blank, Rich McKay, and Terry Fontenot go. It would immediately turn this franchise into a contender.