Can the Atlanta Falcons Possibly Win the Super Bowl?


You can say that Atlanta Falcons fans are getting too ahead of themselves, but a Super Bowl is starting to look a lot more realistic.

On Sunday, the Falcons played like a Super Bowl team against the New Orleans Saints defeating them 37-34.

I have always said this whole preseason that this offense can seriously be top three status in the NFL. And after what we just saw from the team, why not?

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In my previous article, I said to expect an MVP performance by Matt Ryan. That’s exactly what happened.

Matt Ryan threw for a franchise record 448 yards and 3 TD’s, with his number one receiver Julio Jones making an impressive comeback with 117 yards on 7 receptions, not to mention Roddy White racking up over 75 yards and a TD.

The problem is the defense. Despite holding the future Hall-of-Famer Drew Brees to only 1 TD and even getting an INT, they were still getting burned by rookie receiver Brandin Cooks, Marques Colston, and All-Pro tight end Jimmy Graham.

“One thing about the Falcons: they can outscore you,”

So the big questions is: Are the 2014 Atlanta Falcons a Super Bowl contender?

Yes……They are.

Listen, the Saints are a Super Bowl contending team even after this game. They were 11-5 last year, and they will start winning games sooner or later straight into the playoffs.

You can leave your opinion or argument in the comments, but what reason is there to not believe the Falcons can win the Super Bowl? Their offense is led by an elite quarterback with weapons all around him. The defense has taken on a new stature and won’t be the same as last season.

We will know if this team is a one game fluke next week at the impressive Cincinnati Bengals, so strap on your seat belt. This season for the Atlanta Falcons will be quite a ride.